Saturday, September 9th at 6pm.

ChristLife church welcomes hundreds of people each Sunday, and our volunteers have been using their gifts and skills to make a difference in those people’s lives.

You have put so much into making church happen, so we’re going to give back to you. On September 9th, ChristLife is holding a dinner party in your honor.

There will be food and some fun activities, and most of all it will be a time to relax and enjoy the company of your fellow volunteers!

If you have volunteered in any capacity, and for any length of time, then you are invited! If you received an invitation, let us know if you can attend by signing your name up at the Giving Kiosk in the North Lobby, or by responding to the RSVP link below.

We apologize if you didn’t receive an invite in the mail, but we want you to know that if you serve, we want you to come! You can call the church office at any time, to let us know that you will be there.