To donate, text the keyword and amount to your Text-to-Give (TTG) number (855-996-9333).

So if the keyword is Missions and you would like to donate $5, you would text “Missions 5”. The system will then prompt you for your next step.

  • If an individual is donating through TTG for the first time, they will receive a text containing a link to login to their SecureGive account.
  • If they do not have a SecureGive account, they can create one through the link given.
  • Donors will then be asked to save their card information to their SecureGive account.
  • The only time that donors should have to enter their login or card information is the first time they donate through TTG. After their first transaction, their SecureGive account and card information will be recognized automatically and they will simply need to confirm their transaction.

After logging into your account and saving card information, donors receive a message to confirm their transaction by replying “Y”. Once they confirm, they will receive a text letting them know the transaction was successful and will also receive an email receipt.


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