DEVOTION – Making Choices

How can I keep from making the wrong choices?

Joshua 24:15 “Choose today whom you will serve….But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.”

Suppose when you needed to make a choice, you could say, “Should I watch this TV program?” If God liked your choice, a special light would turn green—Go! If not, the light would be red—Stop!

This would be so-o-o great. “Should I invite Sean to my house?”—Green “Should I visit this Website?”—Red “Should I eat spinach?”—Red….well, maybe green!

Some choices are very important: Whom should I choose for friends? How will I act when others make fun of me? Paying attention to God’s Word and deciding to obey it every time will help you make right choices.

When you don’t know what God wants you to do, ask a godly Christian to help you. A godly person reads and obeys the Bible, prays and goes to church. He talks about the Lord Jesus Christ. Others notice he lives to please God.

There is no “right choice” light, but God does give you the Holy Spirit to live inside you. The Spirit guides your thoughts and helps you make right choices. When God shows you what to do, be sure you obey. Knowing what to do and choosing not to do it would be a very bad choice.
What are three things you can do to help you make right choices?

You can pray: Dear God, help me to obey your Word and listen to the Holy Spirit so I won’t make bad choices. In Jesus’ name. Amen.